In memory of


Janan, 20, a tailor, killed (and body mauled by a dog)

10-11 persons abducted

at about midnight of June 18/19, 2007

in Kandahar city. A report in Australia’s Daily Telegraph (not the Associated Press or the Washington Post) describes what happened:

 “An angry Afghan family and a lawmaker said today that foreign troops had shot dead a young man who had been asleep on a rooftop overnight and allowed their dog to maul the corpse… The troops entered the houses by using small stick bombs to blow open the front doors, Kandahar provincial council member Besmillah Afghanmal said, citing the distraught family. At one house the blast woke a 20-year-old man who had been asleep on the rooftop and he jumped up. Troops on the ground shot him, the legislator and relatives alleged. Eleven people, including two of the dead man's brothers, were arrested. The young man, named Janan, was working as a tailor, his brother said at the house. He showed the body to reporters and pointed out tears in his clothes and claw marks and scratches from the dog. Desecration of a corpse is deeply insulting in Islam. "This is inhumane, this is cruel," the brother, who gave his name only as Besmillah, said. "This is an insult to the dead body, this is an insult to our religion and culture." Relatives at the house for the funeral said President Hamid Karzai should do something. "He must go, if he cannot at least stop the foreign soldier beasts from attacking innocent people sleeping in peace in their houses," one furious man said. Janan's grandmother screamed and tore at her hair. "They invaded our country, now they even invade houses and women's bedrooms at midnight," she said. The deputy director of police for the area, who was at the house to investigate, said the raid had not been co-coordinated with Afghan police. "We were not informed," said the officer, named only Najeebullah.”


The photo shows an Afghan man looking the dead body of Janan who, according to his family and witnesses, was killed by foreign troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan, on Tuesday, June 19, 2007. Foreign troops raided a housing complex in Kandahar late Monday, killing one man and detaining ten others, witnesses and relatives said, although U.S.-led coalition and NATO said they have no reports of such an incident. (AP Photo/Allah Uddin znd Hamed Zalmy/AFP/Getty Images)


US/NATO occupation forces’ midnight raid on a home in Kandahar