In memory of


Janaan’s father, Shier Mohammad

in March 2007

in Chorah, district of Sangin, Helmand Province. Were it not for the independent reporting of IRIN News, few would have known about the pain of Janaan, 11. IRIN wrote, “For Janaan, 11, it is not important who killed his father, Shier Mohammad. He only knows that his father died during a clash in the Sangeen District of southern Helmand Province in March 2007. “Yes, I miss my father a lot,” was the nostalgic answer of the orphaned child. Shier Mohammad’s death has had big implications for Janaan’s life. Being the eldest son of his mother’s four offspring, he is, according to local traditions, considered the guardian of his family. Immediately after his father’s death, Janaan dropped out of school in order to feed his siblings. This was the beginning of a new life in which he is expected to make big decisions for himself and those for whom he is responsible.”

Killed in the fighting around Sangin