In memory of


Jamal Naseer, 18, son of Ghazi

died on March 17, 2003

in detention at a U.S Special Forces firebase near the town of Gardez, Paktia. The base was under the command of “Major Mike,” apparently also known as “Crazy Mike.” A group of 8 Afghan Army 3rd Corps soldiers were arrested on March 1, 2003 at the Santo Kandaw pass on the Gardez-Khost road. The hooded prisoners were severely beaten with either cables of rubber truncheons, immersed in cold water, etc. On March 17th after severe beatings, Jamal Naseer, a thin, lightly bearded 18-year –old, expired outside the base cooking facility. U.S occupation forces tried to cover-up the death by torture, but the body when returned to Jamal’s family bore all the marks of torture.

Tortured to death by U.S Special Forces in their Gardez firebase (details at: ).

 US Army Special Forces had arrested eight Afghan soldiers in March 2003 at the request of the provincial governor. The prosecutors' report and an internal memorandum prepared by a United Nations delegation both allege American mistreatment of the detainees including repeated beatings, immersion in cold water, electric shocks, being hung upside down, and having toenails torn off. One detainee, Jamal Naseer, died as a result of the torture. The U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) recently opened a criminal probe into Naseer's death, hardly an independent investigation.