In memory of


Jamal Khatun’s son, 13, and two grandsons, Rehmat, 4, and Nabi, 4 

died in the night of July 1, 2002

In the village of Siasung (Siya Sang), 8 kms from Kakarak. U.S. warplanes attacked four villages that night in the Deh Rawud district – Kakarak, Siasung, Mazar and Shatoghai. The night-time strike upon Siasung killed Jamal Khatun’s 13-yr-old son, her two grandsons (Rehmat and Nabi) both aged four. A neighbor woman to Jamal was also killed. Clutching the blood-soaked clothes of her dead son and grandchildren, Jamal said, “we were asleep on the verandah when the bombs hit, we had no idea what was happening…my grandson’s and daughter’s mouths were full of dust…write about this (she said to Carlotta Gall) so it will stop, so they leave us in peace to pray and fast.” Haji Wali, whose home in Shatoghai was hit said “one day God will give us the strength and we will fight them.”

A nighttime “precision” attack by an AC-130 Spectre gunship