In memory of


Izatullah, 17

Asadullah, 18

Ismatullah, 15

killed on July 5, 2007


in the village of Kolk, Zhari district of Kandahar Province. Jan Mohammed reported that his son (Izatullah, 17) and two nephews were shot and killed by Canadian occupation forces engaged in a cordon and search operation. He said the Canadians returned during the burial of his relatives and test6ed HIM for explosives, then conceded they had “made a mistake” in killing the young men. On July 4th, a powerful IED had demolished a Canadian RG-31 Nyala armored troop carrier in the area. Jan sought compensation but the whole process was confusing to him and he gave up. He later said, “Shooting innocent people makes one compelled to stand against the Canadians.” The mainstream press failed to mention civilian deaths in the Zhari raids during early July, announcing instead that “33 Taliban” had been killed – no evidence offered and yet another Vietnam-style body count that could not be independently verified.

 Killed by Canadian troops