In memory of


Ismail Timouri, 19


Killed in March 2004


 On the highway connecting Jalalabad to Kabul. Mohammed Timouri, a builder’s merchant shop owner, lost his son, Ismail, 19, in March 2004, shot dead by U.S. occupation forces. Timouri said his son drove a taxi part-time, waiting to go to college. He explained what happened, “a convoy delivering persons from a (U.S. detention) facility in Jalalabad to one in Kabul became snarled up in traffic. A US soldier jumped down and lifted a woman out of the way. She screamed. Ismail stepped forward to explain she was a conservative person wearing a burka. The soldier dropped the woman and shot Ismail in front of a crowd of 20 people.”

Mohammed later received a letter from the Afghan police. It said, “We apologize to you…an innocent was killed by Americans.”   

By 2004, Afghanistan had become “one huge US jail,” as superbly detailed in a must-read by Adrian Levy and Cathy Scott-Clark, “Afghanistan: ‘One Huge US Jail’,” The Guardian (March 19, 2005), 9 pp. at: .


Killed by U.S. ground forces