In memory of

Iqbal Uddin’s extended family of 38

Jalal Uddin’s wife and daughter

Khalil’s relatives

died at 3:30 AM on December 1, 2001

in the tiny village of Kama Ado. Lal Gul walked into Kama Ado some 6 hours after the B-52s had passed overhead dropping their payload on the village’s 30 homes and 200 people. It all began at 3:30 AM when Muslims were taking their pre-dawn breakfast. The houses were collapsed, broken wooden frames still smoldering. A 10-yr-old boy, Iqbal Uddin, was severely injured as shrapnel cut into his belly and breaking his ribs. The shockwave from the bomb collapsed his lung. Iqbal was treated at the Jalalabad hospital, but he lost all 40 members of his extended family except his grandmother. Jalal Uddin was injured, but his wife and daughter were killed by the U.S. “precision” bombs.  A young man Khalil also lay in the hospital, a bloody bandage over his head. He happened to be outside squatting under a tree relieving himself, when the bombs hit his home where his family was eating. He said, “I was carried away, but I saw that a lot of my relatives were dead.” The photos (provided by RAWA) depict a survivor, Miraj Uddin (Merajuddin) on the wreckage of his home where 17 family members died in the U.S. “precision” strike. The second photo shows the victims’ graves.

B-52s bomb a small mountain village