In memory of


Inzar Khan, 15, and his bride

Jan Gul’s 24 family members

Sher Khan’s 7 relatives

died at 3:30 PM in the night of December 29/30, 2001

in the village of Qalaye Niazi, 5 kms northwest of Gardez, Paktia Province. Burhan Jan’s 15-yr-old son, Inzar, was to marry a girl of his age. Friends and relatives from the area had congregated in the village. U.S war planes struck at 3:30 AM, destroying 10 homes. A second wave of U.S attacks killed people digging in the rubble and then fleeing. The attack killed 52-92 civilians. A walk around Qalaye Niazi after the U.S assault made clear that many women and children were killed. Villagers said women and children ran from the collapsing homes towards a river but were gunned down. There were fragmented skulls with black hair decorated with silver thread, bloodied children’s shoes and skirts, butter toffees in red wrappers, wedding decorations. Seven months after the deadly U.S. bombing, the town was lifeless. Qala Niazi’s six survivors lived in a nearby village, among them Ahmed Gul, a 13-year-old boy with an ill-fiiting plastic eye. His 12-year-old cousin, Lal Muhammed, had a torso crisscrossed with U.S.-made scars. Another survivor, Janet Gul, said “:all the Americans had to do was come here, and they could have seen for themselves that there were no Taliban among us.”

A U.S “precision” strike by three bombers – a B-52H and two B1B’s.