In memory of and sympathy for


Imran, 18 mos-old boy killed

Payma, 12, sister injured

killed and injured at 2 P.M. on November 14,  2001


in the mountain village of Baloch Kelay (Kay) in the Tor Mountains south of Jalalabad. On November 14th, U.S. war planes dropped a barrage of bombs upon the cave mouths seeking to collapse them and deny access to fleeing Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters. The bombing did neither, but did kill an 18-mo old boy and injured his 13 yr-old sister.  Evidence of the U.S. bombing attack was clearly visible: roofs of village houses caved-in; exploded bits of rock from the targeted caves; children playing later with bomb fragments; and the grave of Imran. Trent Seibert of the Denver Post, filed a report (on 11/27) from the village in which he noted,


Imran’s brother, 15-year-old Zakirullah, says he saw his brother killed during the attack. When the bombs dropped on the caves around 2 P.M, villagers raw away, he said. “We didn’t know what was going on.” His sister, 12-year-old Payma, ran instead to Imran, who was playing at the base of the mountain slope below the caves. As Payma wrapped the toddler in her arms, they were covered by dust and bomb shards. Those shards wounded Payma and killed Imran. The family took the boy to a hospital in Jalalabad, a day’s journey by foot. It was too late. “His face had turned white and blood was all over him,” said Zanam, who helped treat the boy. “It was a terrible day. Everyone was so angry.” It took another day to carry his body home. Zakirullah concluded, “This is not good that America is killing innocent people.”


Killed by the flying shards of U.S. bombs