In memory of


Ikhtari Gul, 35, a farmer

Khela Gul, his wife

Khela Gul, a daughter

Daulat Zai Gul, a daughter

Anura Gul, a daughter

Kadran Gul, a daughter

Asif Gul, a son

Nematullah Gul, a son

died on the night of December 5, 2003

in the village of Kosween near Gardez, Paktia Province. U.S ground and air forces conducted a leadership attack seeking to kill a Mullah Jalani, but instead succeeded in killing an entire farming family. U.S war planes struck the Gul compound. Walls collapsed crushing to death the 6 children. A large concave crater remained where the family was killed. U.S Special Forces and their Afghan allies sealed-off the village for a week, refusing entry to journalists.

U.S air and ground forces