In memory of


Ikbal Udin’s 12 relatives

Zahid Ullah’s 10 relatives

Mustafa Jan’s 4 relatives

Azza Anwar Nuweira, a mother

The daughter of Azza Anwar

died on December 2, 2001

in the village of Agam, 25 kms north of Tora Bora. Zahid Ullah, 8, lost his father, sister and 8 other family members. The home of Ikbal Udin was struck, killing 12 family members inside. Ikbal who was outside, was injured but survived. He said, “I was outside the house. The airplanes bombed, and when I returned to the house, all the people were killed.” The U.S bombing of Agam killed 70 villagers according to John Donnelly and Anthony Shadid of the Boston Globe (2/17/02). Ikbal Uddin lies in a hospital bed in Jalalabad (photo, CNN). Iqbal Uddin, 10, recovers at Jalalabad's Sihnat Amma hospital on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2001. Locals say the boy received shrapnel wounds in a U.S. bombing raid on his village of Kama Ado in the Agam area of the Nangarhar province. The U.S. military denied the claim, saying the bombing "did not happen" (AP Photo/ Yola Monakhov)

U.S “precision” bombing