In memory of


Hazratho’s five family members

Golbibi’s daughter

killed on December 7, 2001

in a village about 10 kms north of Kandahar. Hazratho, a 65-yr-old woman, made it to Mir Wais Hospital where she watched over her two grandchildren. Her granddaughter’s feet had been badly injured. The family had huddled with the lights out in their home as Taliban troops fled the city. A U.S. bomb hit their home, killing 5 and wounding 5, she said, adding “they were bombing us but there was no bin Laden in our village.” Golbibi, a 30-yr-old mother from the countryside was nursing her two sons in the same hospital. The 2 boys and their sister played with a cluster bomblet, she said. The girl died in the hospital and one of the boys lost his hand. In front of Mir Wais, a boy lay in the back of a taxi, wrapped in blankets, quivering and semiconscious. He had lost a leg and suffered multiple fractures in the U.S bombing attacks. The boy’s dad was begging for money to bring his son to a better-equipped hospital in Quetta. Report filed by Erik Eckholm (NYT 12/18/01: B2 with photo of Hazratho)

victims of U.S. “precision” bombing