In memory of


Haziza’s mother

Haziza’s baby brother

died on October 15, 2001

in a neighborhood near Kabul’s airport. Haziza, 12, described what had happened. Her father, a candy vendor, took Haziza and her three older brothers to a sturdier house nearby because of the nightly U.S bombing attacks. Her mother remained at home saying she would only join them if things got dangerous. U.S bombs fell burying her and her infant son. The electricity in Kabul had gone out. Searchers desperately tried lighting pieces of paper, trying to burn away small patches of darkness. Haziza remembers the two lifeless bodies, “their faces crushed and covered with blood.” The following day, her father left with her and her 3 brothers for Peshawar. Haziza became a refugee in Peshawar, washing clothes to earn a few rupees for food, one of 20 people crammed into her aunt’s two-room flat.

A U.S “precision” strike