In Sympathy for


Hamid Ullah, 12 mos-old boy, injured

during the night of October 21, 2001


near the village of Thorai (close to Tarin Kowt). U.S war planes attacked the Gar Mao Taliban facility and a local police station, but in the process obliterated two homes and a tractor-trailer filled with terrified, fleeing persons (17 children, 3 women, and the driver, Abdul Ghani, 22/23). Soon after 7 PM, the U.S bombs began falling upon Thorai. Abdul Maroof, a farmer, had just sat down to a dinner of naan bread and dhal (lentils) with his wife and daughters, a night like so many others at their quiet farm. The family heard a huge explosion, rushing outside to see a massive fireball rising from a cluster of homes 1.5 kms away where Maroof’s sister and relatives lived. Maroof’s wife pleaded he stay at home. The next morning, a neighbor told him that “some 20” villagers had been killed, including many of his relatives. Distraught neighbors were frantically digging through the rubble of 2 homes. Maroof recalls, “I saw the body of one of my brothers-in-law being pulled from the debris. The lower part of his body had been blown away. Some of the other bodies were unrecognizable. Their heads were missing and arms blown away.” The survivors included Maroof’s younger sister, Radi (Rhidi) Gul, 25, and her 1-yr-old son Hamid Ullah who was severely injured. Banaras Khan of the Agence France Presse photographed Hamid Ullah in the Al-Khidmat Hospital in Quetta (above).


 Injured by shrapnel in a U.S. “precision” air strike upon a simple home