In memory of and sympathy for


Haji Toti Khan’s wife & 3 daughters
Sayed Jan’s 4 family members
At least 10 other civilians killed
Del Ali’s 7 family members, injured
6 other injured members of Rokhia’s family

The photos taken by Maso Notarianni at the Italian-run Emergency Hospital in Lashkar Gah show what happens on the receiving end of the U.S./NATO precision bombs dropped in the Kajaki region. These victims are presumed Taliban (source: )

killed in NATO bombings on November 26- 30, 2006

in Lwar Kajaki and Erabzi villages in Helmand Province. In response to an alleged attack by resistance fighters upon a NATO-Afghan Army convoy, U.S/NATO planes bombed villages. Sayed Jan said that only he and his brother survived in his 6-member family in the U.S/NATO bombing Sunday night of Lwar Kajaki. Haji Toti Khan whose wife and 3 daughters were killed in the bombing noted, “there are no Taliban in our village. I don’t know why they kill civilians.” Del Ali, who brought his wounded relatives to the Lashkar Gah Emergency Italia Hospital said that 7 people including 3 children from his family were wounded in the “precision” bombing. A security official confirmed that civilians had been killed in the bombing.

In the village of Erabzi, seven people were killed when NATO war planes bombed the village beginning at 9 PM on Sunday, November 26th. Six wounded persons were able to make their way to the Italian Emergency hospital in Lashkar Gah where they were treated (often requiring surgery). The youngest victim at the Emergency Hospital, a girl aged 6, died a couple days after being admitted because of burns on 90% of her body. Another unworthy victim ignored by the corporate mainstream press (e.g., no A.P reporter interested in that body). The victims were:

Rokhia, female

25 year old mother, 9 mos. pregnant

Surgery required

Idris, Rokhia’s son

10, boy

Bomb fragments in thorax. Surgery

Saly, Rokhia’s daughter

7, daughter

Bomb fragments in head. Surgery.

Ab Hadi, Rokhia’s uncle


Bomb fragment in hip. Surgery

Name unspecified

Female, 90

Laparotomy surgery to remove fragment

Name unspecified

Male, 28

Bomb fragments in limb. Surgery

Typically, the NATO senior spokesman in Kabul – rapidly earning the distinction of being one of the world’s greatest liars – Major Luke Knittig, confirmed air strikes had taken place in the area but denied any civilians were injured.

Nighttime bombing by U.S/NATO war planes