In memory of


Bibi Sara’s brother, 2 sisters, her mother, her father’s second wife and 4-5 other Kuchi nomads

died in the night of September 17/18, 2003

in their nomadic tents pitched in Naubaghar (Naw Bahar) village in the Shinkay district of Zabul Province, 5 kms from the town of Roghani and 70 kms east of Qalat. Nomadic tribesman Haji Lawang heard and saw the outline of the helicopter in the night sky as it streaked over his 3 tents. A moment later, a huge explosion shook the ground and a fire rose into the night sky. The 50-yr-old huddled with his 2 wives, 4 children, goats and camels, fearful they too would be attacked. At dawn, he went out to investigate what had happened to his fellow nomads. Five women and 4 children were ripped apart and 6 others were wounded (5 men and one woman). The U.S Apache attack helicopter had fired into the nomads’ tent. At Mir Wais Hospital in Kandahar, Bibi Sara, 17, injured by U.S shrapnel, said the bombing had killed her brother, 2 sisters, he mother, and her father’s second wife. She recalls, “when the bombs started falling, I just fled. My whole family is dead because of this American bombing.” She began crying and said she didn’t want to answer any more questions.

An aerial “precision” attack by an Apache helicopter