In memory of


Haji Alef Muhammad’s brother

killed in February 2003

in an isolated village of the Baghran district in northern Helmand Province. U.S. occupation and Afghan Army forces invaded the area in February along with intense close air support bombing of many villages. Haji Alef Muhammad, 62, lost his brother in one such raid. After that, Haji was abducted (by the U.S. 82nd Airborne soldiers) and sent to the Guantanamo gulag where he stayed (with no charges) until his release in December 2006. After is return to Kabul, he recounted in disgust, “we had to eat, pray and go to the toilet in the same cell that was 2 meters long and two meters wide” (for close to four years). I have described the intense bombing of the Baghran area in my article at

in another “precision” bombing raid of a village in the Baghran district