In Memory of


Habdul Hamid, 26

Adeena, 16, daughter of Abdul Hady


killed in early November 2001

in the village of Hazrati, Keshendeh district, Sar-i-Pol Province. U.S. bombs destroyed at least five homes in this village, killing Habdul Hamid, 26, son of Nash Boz (and injuring two other sons), Adeena, 16, daughter of Abdul Hady (and injuring two of his sons, aged 6 and 9). The U.S. warplanes were bombing ahead of the advancing troops of General Dostum. Report based upon on-site interview dated June 3, 2002 by a member of the team of Marla Ruzicka.

Heavy U.S. bombing to clear way for advancing troops of “purchased” warlord, General Dostum