In memory of


Sima Ahmad, 35

Gul Ahmad, 40

His 5 daughters and a son by 2nd wife, Sima :

Sidiqqa Gul Ahmad, 18

Shokria Gul Ahmad, 16

Razia Gul Ahmad, 10

Zakera Gul Ahmad, 8

Fahima Gul Ahmad, 5

Ramazan Gul Ahmad, 12

Died at 7 A.M. on October 28, 2001


In the Char Qala neighborhood of north-central Kabul. A U.S warplane dropped a Mark 82 500 lb “precision” bomb which missed its target and obliterated the home of Gul Ahmad, a Hazara carpet weaver. The bomb killed Gul, his second wife Sima, his 5 daughters, and his son by Sima, as well as two children next door. Their bodies were so badly torn apart they could not be identified for separate graves. The sole Ahmad family survivor was Jawad, 14. Siddiqa was an accomplished carpet weaver and her labor provided a significant income for the Gul Ahmad family. Gul’s first wife, Harafa (Arifah, Orfa in photo above), survived because she was visiting relatives in another village. Harafa was left with five daughters and two sons. Rory McCarhty of The Guardian (not the Associated Press) visited Harafa (Orfa) a year later. He saw a line of eight green flags tied to stout wooden poles standing above the family grave just yards away from Harafa’s ruined home below Bibi Mahru. The little village and her home sat several hundred meters below what had been a Taliban radar and gun emplacement on Bibi Mahru hill, presumably the F-16 pilot’s target.

The only aid Harafa received, McCarthy reported, was from Taliban officials shortly after the catastrophe who brought shrouds for the dead as well as 17,000 Pakistan rupees. Nothing later from the Americans, the UN, the Karzai clique, etc. Harafa shared the Taliban’s money with her next-door neighbor whose 2 children were killed by the same U.S. bomb. Most of her portion went for medical care for her seriously injured and deeply disturbed son, Jawad.


A U.S. Mark 82 500 lb bomb dropped by an F-16