In Sympathy for


Gul Khan, 4, injured

Rehmat Bibi, 3, injured

Jehang Bibi, 18 mos., injured

Muhammad Wali, 7, injured


between 5-6 A.M. on October 11, 2001

in the tiny mountain village of Karam, west of Jalalabad. When Reuters’ Zeeshan Haider visited the Sihad-I-Amma Public hospital in Jalalabad, the first three children lay apone on hospital cots. No relatives sat to comfort them, to help doctors change their bandages. All were orphaned in the early morning U.S. “precision” air strike. Muhammad Wali, 7, recounted, “I was asleep and I don’t know when the bomb fell…I woke and I saw all my family was killed and the house was destroyed. I don’t know who brought me here.” A relative sat by his bed where he lay with his eyes bandaged. The photo shows Rehmat Bibi, 3, burned and with a broken pelvis caused by U.S. “precision” bombs, being held in the arms of staff at Hyatabad hospital in Peshawar (photo by Chris Hongren, Getty Images).

A U.S. “precision” air strike