In memory of


Gul Bibi, 48, wife and mother

Rahimullah, 11, son

Rahman Bibi, 8, daughter

died in late November-early December 2001

in a village about 7 kms away from the mountains of Tora Bora. U.S warplanes were bombing villages, roads, hills, etc. A U.S rocket struck the mud-made home of Rahman Jan in a small hamlet of 10-12 homes. The blast killed Rahman’s wife, Bibi Gul, 48 (daughter of Yar Mohammad), their 11-yr-old son, Rahimullah, and their 8-yr-old daughter, Rahman Bibi. Rahman himself was seriously injured in his back, leading to permanent paralysis (photo available). He walks no more and rests in bed. Only the 22-yr-old son, Habibullah, escaped because he was out working on his land when the U.S “precision” bomb struck the Rahman family home.

A U.S “precision” bomb or rocket attack