In memory of


Gul Ahmad’s mother and father


killed early Tuesday, June 20, 2006

in another “precision” U.S. air strike in the mountainous region of the Baghran Valley in northern Helmand Province. The photo above (AP, Rodrigo Abd) shows villagers digging for bodies of people killed in the U.S. air strike. U.S. occupation had established a position on a mountain ridge overlooking the valley on Monday, part of the much ballyhooed Operation Mountain Thrust. The position was attacked by Taliban forces and as usual U.S. forces called in tactical air support. An A-10 Warthog strafed the village where fire was coming from and a B-1 bombed then dropped a 2,000 pound bomb which “sent a plume of smoke into the moonlit sky.” In the morning, U.S. troops descended to the village. Gul Ahmed, an Afghan living in a compound of the village, said the U.S. air strike had killed his elderly parents. He said, “my home is ruined, my family buried in rubble, and my animals are dead…why would I let the Taliban in?”

killed in a “precision” airstrike by a 2,000 lb bomb dropped by a B-1 bomber