In memory of


Gouhar Taj, a father

Gouhar’s 3 daughters

Gouhar’s 8 other family members

Mustafa Jan’s husband

died on December 2, 2001

in the peasant village of (Pachir) Agam, 40 kms south of Jalalabad in Nangarhar Province. The road to Tora Bora passes through Agam. A U.S ‘precision’ bomb hit the home of the Taj and Rahim families. Mrs. Taj, 32, whose arms were broken and an eye gouged out by the U.S bomb, recalls, “we were drinking our tea when it happened….I was hit by something. I looked down and there was blood all over the place where my leg was.” She scooped up her children, Nasir, 5 months old, and her 2-yr-old and ran outside. The U.S bomb killed her husband, Gouhar Taj, 3 daughters, 8 other family members, and severely injured another son, Ismutala, 8, and a daughter, Zeriba, 3. Mrs Taj continued, “we were farmers. We cultivated the land. Why did an American plane bomb us?” Across the Hospital room in Jalalabad, her sister-in-law, Mustafa Jan, nursed her baby Rahim, peppered with shrapnel. At 28, she too has become a widow from the U.S. bomb. Her husband was killed in the bombing of Agam. Zeriba Taj, 3, was injured in the “precision” attack upon Agam. Zeriba’s father was killed and her mother lost her left eye (photo by Marla Ruzicka, Global Exchange).

A U.S “precision” air strike by a B-52 flying out of Diego Garcia