In memory of and sympathy for

Ghulan Mohammad’s 3 children,
Said Ul Rahman, 8, injured
Countless un-named others

injured around December 14-17, 2001

U.S. war planes dropped many cluster bombs in the Kandahar and adjoining Helmand areas as Taliban troops fled Kandahar. The photo shows Said Ul Rahman, 8, carried by his brother at the Mir Wais hospital in Kandahar on December 24, 2001. Ten days earlier Said was hurt by a U.S. cluster bomb. On December 14th, U.S. war planes dropped scores of cluster bombs on Helmand. Three days later, Ghulan Mohammad’s three children were seriously injured when a BLU-97 cluster bomb exploded (J. Page report for Reuters dated 12/16/01).

Injured and killed by U.S. BLU-97 cluster bombs made by Raytheon