In memory of


Ghulam Shah, father, and his wife and 4 children

Rashid’s Rashid’s 2 brothers and a sister

Gama Khan, son of Mah Hashim 

died December 5-6, 2001

in the village of Moshkhil (Mowshkeyl) in Paktika Province. Three U.S airstrikes killed 13-16 people. U.S warplanes were pursuing anything moving on roads as Tora Bora was being evacuated by Al Qaeda and Taliban. A villager called Rashid said U.S planes bombed 2 cars, killing 2 brothers and a sister. An hour later, an armed stranger on a motorbike sped through Moshkhil asking locals “where the guests were staying?” He was told there were no guests. Within an hour, another U.S plane bombed an empty car. Than at 3:30 AM on December 6th, the planes returned, hitting a mosque and 7 adjacent houses. 13 people died in their sleep, including Rashid’s two relatives and Ghulam Shah, father and his wife and 4 children. Rashis said, “:why did they bomb my village? It could not have been stray bombs since they bombed three times…”  Mah Hashim had left town to go to the provincial capital’s hospital with his daughter. He heard that the Americans had bombed his village and rushed home to Mowshkeyl in northeastern Paktika. His 3 room house had been “precision” bombed and totally destroyed. His 24 cows and sheep were also killed. Mr. Hashim’s five-year old son began screaming, telling his dad that his other son, Gama Khan, was dead. The son drove a taxi earning the income to support the family. U.S. bombs also destroyed the taxi.

A U.S “precision” air strike