In memory of


Ghulam’s mother and father

Died in the night of July 1, 2002

In the village of Kakarak in Uruzgan Province. A wedding was to take place on July 2nd between the son of a family from Kakarak and the daughter of another family from Miandao. Pre-nuptial parties were in swing in the small villages when U.S war planes struck. Sardar Gul, 25, was injured in the attack upon the home where the men were celebrating. His 6-year-old cousin, Ghulam, was also injured, his lungs perforated by metal shards and his collar bone shattered. Ghulam’s mother and father were killed. Six-yr-old Ghulam furiously sucked at an oxygen tube as he slept on a simple cot stinking of blood at Mir Wais Hospital. His eyes darted back and forth as a second clear plastic tube drained more blood from his perforated lings. Suddenly, he awoke, crying for his parents.

An AC-130 attack gunship fires upon homes of future groom