In memory of

Ghulam Rabbani’s son (18 yrs-old)

His daughter, Begim (17, 21? yrs-old)

Shireen, 15

Ahmad Shah, 7

Hamida, 5

A woman, Shar Maliki, 75

2 men

killed at 11 P.M- 2:30 A.M. on night of October 30/31, 2003


in the remote hamlet of Tazagul Kala (near Aranz) in the Waigal Valley of Nooristan Province. The night time aerial attack aimed at killing Gulbuddin Hekmatyar destroyed at least two dozen homes, a mosque and killed 1 old women, 5 children (including Rabbani’s son, 18, and daughter, 17, and 3 cousins), and 2 men who were sleeping, all relatives of Ghulam Rabbani, 60, a provincial governor in pre-Taliban times and religious leader now, who was in Kabul at the time. Ghulam said, “Three planes came. First they bombed the mosque. My 18-yr-old son was sleeping in the mosque and he was killed. When they started bombing, the people in the village started fleeing and my 21-year-old daughter was shot down by a plane as she was running in the street. A 75-year old woman was trying to take 3 of Mr. Rabbani’s young cousins – ages 15, 7 and 5 – to shelter when they were all killed by gunfire from a plane or helicopter, he said. Those children’s father, carrying his blind mother on his back, escaped, Ghulam added. Maulvi Ghulam Rabbani is affiliated with the Jamit-i-Islami and the Northern Alliance and is, therefore, an ally of the Karzai regime. Some 40 homes built close together on the valley mountainside were destroyed. The U.S propaganda spokesman in Bagram, Col. Rodney King on November 5, 2003 denied any U.S. planes were in that region then.


A three-hour U.S aerial “precision” bomb and machine-gun attack carried out by planes and helicopters