In Memory of


Ghafar, 4, son of Ramzan

Ramzan Chopan, 45, father

Rhiar, 31, male

Tamin, 9, son of Qmaraddin

Habass, 5, son of Qmaraddin

Raz Mohammad, 22, poor farmer, son of Guma


killed in early November 2001

in the village of Pusht-i-Bagh just south of Dehdadi town, west of Mazar. U.S. warplanes were bombing retreating Taliban heading for Mazar. The “precision” bombing killed and injured members of the families of Ramzan, Haji, Qmaraddin, and Guma. Report based upon on-site interview dated June 1, 2002 by a member of the team of Marla Ruzicka.

U.S. bombing of Taliban retreating towards Mazar