In memory of


XXX, Fuel truck drivers

died in the week of November 29 December 1, 2001

on the highway between Ghazni and the border town of Chaman. Noor Mohammed, a wheat trader plying between the Pakistani border town of Chaman and Ghazni, said he witnessed a terrible sight. Lying in a burnt-out, twisted mess just north of Kandahar were the still smoking remains of a 15-truck fuel convoy. The charred remains of the drivers and dozens of unfortunate souls, who had bargained a lift from them, will always remain etched in his mind. Mohammed said, I saw all the dead burnt people. How can you be a man if you dont feel something when you see that? I guess we should ask the U.S pilots. According to UN officials in just 2 days in late November, 160 fuel tankers and 210 cars were destroyed.

U.S warplanes strafing and bombing fuel trucks.