In memory of and sympathy for


 Four civilians killed

Seven civilians injured

on Friday, July 27, 2007


on a road in the Kamdesh (Kamdish) District of Nooristan Province. US occupation forces had established a forward operating base in Kamdesh housing over a 100 U.S. 10th Mtn Division troops in July 2006. On July 27th, a fierce clash took place between resistance fighters and U.S. occupation forces, who suffered two dead and 13 injured. During the fighting, a US/NATO war plane spotted a pickup truck (pickup truck = enemy) carrying 11 persons and attacked it, killing 4 and injuring 7 (two in serious condition) as reported by Reuters (not the Associated Press which makes no mention whatsoever of civilian casualties in the fighting in Nooristan…small wonder that so-called AP “counts” report such few civilian casualties).


A “precision” attack upon a pickup truck carrying Afghan villagers