In memory of


Four women
Three children
 Gulam Nabi’s mother and father












killed on the night of March 5, 2007


when a U.S warplane dropped two 900 kilogram (or 2,000-pound) bombs upon a mud home in the village of Jabar in the Nijrab district of Kapisa Province. The U.S. forces were responding to a single rocket fired at their base (which missed). They fired mortars upon Jabar for an hour, and then called in an air strike. As usual, the US/NATO propaganda machine justified the attack by proffering that two men had fired rockets at a NATO PRT base at Tape Ahmed Beg in Kapisa Province and then sought refuge in a building. Did the rebels include young children and women? Gulam Nabi, 51, later told the Associated Press that among those killed were his parents, his sister, his nephew, and four (3?) of the extended family’s youngest children. The U.S. “precision” attack killed nine people (incl 5 women and 3 children) spanning four generations of a family. The bombed home is pictured above  (photos by Musadeq Sadeq of the AP). The photo above shows an Afghan woman walking through the rubble of homes after the U.S. “precision” strike. The other photo shows the graves of Victims in the village of Jabar. The Associated Press gave only brief mention in their “Afghanistan update” to the nine civilian deaths. The U.S 2000-pound bomb killed nine members of a single extended family. A surviving villager remarked, “During the Russian invasion we haven’t heard of 10 members of one family being killed by Russians in one incident. But the Americans did that….we used to hate the Russians much more than Americans….but now, when we see this happening, I am telling you Russians behave much better than the Americans.” One seven-year old boy, Mujib, was the sole survivor of four generations of the family. When asked what he thought of the Americans, he replied, “I hate the.”


Killed by a U.S. 2000-pound bomb