In memory of


Fatima Sarajiddin, wife, her grandchildren (6 girls and 2 boys), and a sister-in-law

Haji Ajab Gul’s 12 relatives 

died in night of November 16, 2001

in the village of Zani Khel, 10 kms west of Khost in Paktia Province. U.S warplanes struck a home and a small adjacent guesthouse with a laser-guided 500 lb bomb. The attackers precisely killed 19 persons there – including the home owner’s wife, Fatima, her 9 grandchildren and a sister-in-law – and killed 9 other persons elsewhere in Zani Khel. In all, 28 civilians perished in this U.S air strike.

U.S “precision” air strikes precisely kill 28 civilians