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His 3 sons

Three civilians abducted  

 during the night of August 3/4, 2008 

in Badri village of the Pashtun Waghaz district in south-central Ghazni Province. During the day before, the resistance had ambushed a two-vehicle Afghan police convoy in the Zana Khan district, killing 4 police and wounding seven. A provincial government spokesman told Agence France Presse that afterwards US/NATO war planes had bombed a house in Waghaz killing 4 men whose identities remained unknown. 3 residents were abducted to a fate unknown.

Taliban sources said the 4 killed were civilians whereas Amir Shah of the Associated Press (which parrots the US/NATO version of events) reported that “militants” were killed in a raid by U.S. troops searching for a “militant wanted in connection with planting roadside bombs.” Agence France Presse (AFP) was far more circumspect and cautious merely saying “four people were killed in an air strike by international military forces.” Militants or civilians?

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The Deutsche Press Agentur (DPA) wrote “A father and three of his sons were killed in a US-led coalition operation in Waghiz district of southern Ghazni province on Sunday night, Sayed Ismail Jahangir, spokesman for provincial governor, said. Relatives brought the bodies of the four to the governor's office on Monday morning.” Abdullah, resident of Badri village, complained to the independent Pajhwok Afghan News that the U.S-led forces had detained 3 members of the family. He insisted the dead were all poor local farmers. Mohammad Karim claimed that the foreign occupation troops searched his house and roughed him up for no reason. He added, “I’m a shopkeeper known to all the area people. The soldiers (probably the accompanying Afghan satrap troops) took away all commodities from my shop.” Once again it is very clear how the Associated Press (AP) initially regularly toes the official U.S. military version of events featuring that in its headlines. Only later when other news sources present a compelling alternative, might they adjust their story whose immediacy has long since diminished.


Afghan bodies and Afghan sources don’t lie but U.S. military officials and the Associated Press do.


Killed in a U.S-led night-time air and ground attack