In memory of



12 civilians:

Faizal Saddiq’s wife, daughter, son, daughter-in-law, nephew, 5 grandchildren (aged 2 mos to 10 yrs), and 2 neighbors

killed during the night of November 29, 2001



in the village of Sanjiri, 14 kms west of Kandahar city. Twenty members of Faizal (Fazel) Saddiq’s family were asleep. The first U.S. “precision” bomb struck a home killing two neighbors. A few minutes later, the U.S planes returned and struck the Saddiq home. The U.S “precision” strike against a “Taliban leadership target” ripped through the mud and clay home, killing ten family members (listed above by Faizal). Saddiq said later, “We are ruined. We thought the Americans were good people…the Americans have lost the hearts of the people,” he mused sitting next to his wife’s grave. A surviving son, Mohammed, Shafiq said, “We don’t know why this happened… [we are] just common people.”




Killed in a night-time leadership decapitation U.S. “precision” strike