In Sympathy for


Faizal Rahim, 20, injured

wounded not long after 7 P.M., October 22, 2001


in Thorai village, Uruzgan Province. Thanks to the wonderful, independent reporting of Catherine Philip for The Times (London), we know about what happened to Faizal Rahim who ended up in the Al-Khidmat Hospital in Quetta,

In another ward across the corridor lay Faizal Rahim, 20, his shattered leg held up by a stirrup. He had raced to the place where the bombs had dropped on Sunday night in search of his older brother and his family. As he helped other rescuers dig through the rubble, he heard the roar of warplanes overhead and then a sudden whistling sound. “Suddenly there was an explosion and the wall of the house collapsed on me, trapping my leg,” he said. He was carried away just before rescuers uncovered the bodies of his 25-year-old brother, Abdul, and his five-year-old nephew, Amin. All are mystified as to why their village should have been the target of what they firmly believe was a bombing raid by American-led forces. Mr Rahim said he suspected the target was a group of Taliban administration offices a mile-and-a-half away. “But there are no military bases near us,” he said. “Many people living near other bases have fled their homes but no-one moved from our village because there was calm. We have always felt safe there. We never thought that we would have to flee from the bombs.”  Doctors were gloomy about his prospects of recovering the use of his leg but he was determined it would heal.

“I have never been a fighter before but after this, I want to go back and fight the Americans. They have killed innocent people and that is wrong,” he said

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Injured by a U.S. “precision” bomb