In Memory of


Countless civilians fleeing Kandahar by vehicle 12 to 30 killed


on December 2, 2001

According to a UN account and three drivers interviewed, bombing over two days in November also included the targeting of cars. On the destruction of cars, Sadequlla, the U.Ns Leslie Oqvist's deputy in Kandahar, said, ''It included some civilian cars and some opposition cars, but almost all of them were civilian cars.'' I personally think it must have been almost impossible to identify whether it was a civilian car or whether it belonged to the opposition. They are the same colors, same brand,'' said Sadequlla, who like many Afghans uses one name. In the Afghan road strikes, drivers and company owners cited several instances in which one or two people died, but no full accounting has been made by the UN or any other agency. Tariq Saeed writing in the Pakistan Observer spoke of more than two dozen people being killed on the outskirts of Kandahar and near the airport. The Sunday (December 2nd) bombing of the Spin Boldak-Kandahar highway resulted in destroying some six vehicles and killing around 30 people. U.S warplanes also bombed Helmand province twice (1). Local authorities, who advanced with the Americans on Kandahar, showed no inclination to investigate (AP photo above of car destroyed by U.S. bombs).

U.S strikes upon anything moving on roads around Kandahar

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