In memory of and sympathy for


  Civilians killed?????

at least two others wounded

on Thursday, September 27, 2007


on a highway in the village of Bati Kot, 15 kms east of Jalalabad. A suicide squad attacked a U.S. occupation convoy. The attempt failed by in the ensuing chaos, an Afghan fire brigade truck’s brakes failed and rammed into the convoy. Panicked U.S. soldiers began firing wildly (just as they had done six months ago at the same spot in the Shinwar Massacre). Reuters correspondent, Noor Mohammad Sherzai, was at the scene during the incident, thereby preventing U.S. forces from managing the news. Sherzai reported a number of persons in the area were hit by U.S. fire. U.S., troops quickly cordoned off the area to prevent any independent reporting. Sherzai said Afghan police were among those who fled the firing. He said the police were very angry because the Americans were shooting and they wanted to shoot back but others stopped them.   


Fired upon by panicked U.S. occupation ground forces