In memory of and sympathy for


Esmatullah Zia, 19, killed

Ahmad Sorkai Zia, 12, severely wounded


on Tuesday morning, October 2, 2007

 in downtown Kandahar outside the governor’s palace. A man, 19, driving his motorcycle with his 12-yr-old brother behind approached a Canadian occupation re-supply convoy heading for the Canadian FOB Ma’Sum Ghar. The Canadian occupation forces opened fire killing Esmatullah and severely injuring Ahmad in the head (photo by Dene Moore, Canadian Press). At Esmatullah’s funeral held before dusk of this day,n one of the boys’ uncles,  Haji Muhammad Eisah told Can West News (not the Associated Press which showed no interest),


Whenever they think they want to shoot somebody they can. Nobody can ask anything about it…that’s why they shoot us like goats, like birds, like animals… We don’t expect them to kill our people, those Canadians, Americans and foreign people. It would be good if they left our country.”


Locals say that Canadian convoys speed through the town at a reckless pace. As usual, an “investigation” was announced (as part of the news management strategy). The “investigation” will of course be carried out by the perpetrators, not an independent agent.


Killed “like goats” by day-time fire of Canadian occupation forces in Kandahar