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Civilian killed

Another civilian ‘badly injured’

on Sunday at 4 PM on February 10, 2008


on a road in Farah Province. A NATO convoy of Spanish occupation forces protecting trucks transporting petrol fired upon a Toyota car carrying four civilian persons which had allegedly “come too close.” The predictable result was one dead passenger and a severely wounded driver, shot by a Spanish sergeant firing his Heckler-Koch assault rifle.  A bullet entered the eye of the passenger who died later at a hospital. The NATO occupation forces say they feared a suicide car bomb attack (but suicide bombers NEVER travel in a group of four by car). None of the major wire services carried this story; information was provided in Spain’s El Pais daily, the Afghan Islamic Press, KUNA and by Xinhua.


As usual, the NATO command in the person of Portuguese Brig. General Carlos Branco offered the platitude, “ISAF deeply regrets any civilian deaths or injuries.” General Branco has established a reputation of denying civilians killed by ISAF (NATO) actions (see ). In the Nuristan bombing attack, 14 Afghan civilians – including seven members of one family - were precisely killed in a botched decapitation strike (see,


but for General Branco these bodies do not exist.


Exactly a week ago, NATO and Afghan forces attacked a home in the Bakwa district of Farah, killing ten civilians (incl. 2 women and 3 children). The killings were largely ignored by the western press which panders to the US/NATO propaganda that only “insurgents” or “militants” are killed by US/NATO actions, whereas “insurgents/militants” target civilians.


Killed by ground fire of a Spanish occupation soldier