In memory of


Children shot dead in their beds

Slit throats of 2 men (one survived)

in middle of night sometime in October 2007


Toube village in the area of Garmser, Helmand Province by a U.S. Special Forces led death squad. The foreign soldiers with Afghan troops acted upon information that two high-level Taliban targets were living in Toube. Witnesses told IWPR that the soldiers broke down doors, shot a number of people including children in their beds, and in one house slit the throats of two brothers, one of who survived.


The U.S. soldiers came from the infamous base, Camp Gecko (now called Firebase Maholic), located some 15 kms outside Kandahar in what was once Mullah Omar’s fortified residence. On May 15, 2008, Philip Alston, a professor at New York University’s Law School and special investigator for the U.N. Human Rights Council, revealed that U.S. intelligence agents had been carrying out secretive night-time killer raids on “suspected insurgents.” Such raids by international forces had reportedly killed 200 Afghan civilians often in aerial bombings just during 2008. Alston emphasized that these U.S. Special Forces were acting with complete impunity, refusing to provide any information whatsoever. Afghan forces working with the foreign units were not under control of the Afghan Government. Alston wrote,


“it is absolutely unacceptable for heavily armed internationals accompanied by heavily armed Afghan forces to be wandering around conducting dangerous raids that too often result in killings without anyone taking responsibility for them.”


About a year ago, that faithful booster of the U.S. military, Jason Straziuso working for the Associated Press, had penned a widely reproduced piece about these U.S. Special Forces at Firebase Maholic. He described them training some 130 auxiliary Afghan policemen and the relative luxury enjoyed there by the U.S. occupation forces (special food, swimming pool, doublewide fireplace, etc.). Details at,2933,249501,00.html . Straziuoso added,


“Their crests — skulls with crossed arrows — and mottos like "Pressure, Pursue, Punish" and "Free the Oppressed" adorn the compound's walls. Three eagles by the pool wear green berets. A skull in another painting has evil red eyes and a yellow and green turban.”


The following depicts the military occupation base in early 2007:

Above: U.S. Special Force soldiers gather at a firing range and conduct training operations in the former compound of Taliban leader Mullah Omar, now the base of U.S. Special Forces.

Above Left: U.S. soldiers enter a cave which is part of Afghanistan Firebase Maholic, which the Green Berets call home. Special Forces soldiers recently started training 130 new Afghan recruits for the country's fledgling auxiliary police force. Above Right: An Afghan man walks past a display inside the former compound of Taliban leader Mullah Omar, now the base of U.S. Special Forces in Kandahar, Afghanistan, Monday.

(AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool/Jason Straziuso, AP)


Killed by U.S. Special Forces’ death squad during a night-time raid