In memory of

Brigadier Nadir Khan, Fouzia’s father

Qaesi, Fouzia’s pregnant sister

Lema, 4, Fouzia’s niece

Naqiba, Fouzia’s mother

died on November 8, 2001

on the road from Kabul to Jalalabad. Let the words of Ms. Engineer Fouzia from Laghman tell the story: “"We were living in Kabul when the US strikes on Afghanistan began, our family decided to leave the country and go to Peshawar because we were afraid of the US bombardments. On Nov.8, 2001 we left Kabul by a Corona car towards Jalalabad. We were a total of 8 people (me, my father, my mother, my brother, my sister with her husband and 2 of their children).

On the middle of the way to Jalalabad (don't know the name of the place) a US plane dropped bomb which blew up near our car due to which my father (Brigadier Nadir Khan), my sister (Qaesi who was pregnant), my niece (Lema, 4 years old) were killed and others were wounded. I and my niece (Masouda) had better situation then others and managed to call my brother, Ahmad Shah, who was still in Kabul. Dead bodies were buried and we took the wounded to Sahat-e-Ama hospital in Jalalabad but as their situation was not good there we moved them to Peshawar Complex Hospital, but my mother (Naqiba) died the next day and one leg of my brother (Zamari) is still paralyzed."

Killed by a U.S. air strike upon fleeing refugees in a vehicle