In memory of


Bismellah, father of Nazia, 11


died in October 2001

from injuries. Nazia’s father, Bismellah, died from his injuries incurred when a U.S. attack plane bombed a radar site on a mountain in Kabul near her home. The bombing took place at night. He was carried down the mountain in the morning and rushed to a hospital. He died there 3 days later. Nazia, 11 then, says, “I can’t accept this as the price to pay for peace. I wish he were alive.” Her father sold goods in the market to care for her and her siblings (a younger brother and sister). Now, Nazia, 12, lives with her grandfather who, “is very old but he has a wheelbarrow he uses to make money carrying people’s things.” Nazia’s life is hard. “Sometimes we don’t eat. Mostly we just make some tea and drink it with pieces of bread” (photo and research by Rick Loomis).

Killed by a U.S. “precision” strike