In memory of


Bibi Toara, 10

Bibi Tamara, 9

Faizullah, 8

Obeidullah, 10

5 other young boys

Abdullah Muhammed, 25 

died at about 10:45 AM on December 6, 2003

in the small village of Hutala, surrounded by fruit trees in the south of Ghazni Province. Two U.S warplanes (A-10 Warthogs) strafed the village and surroundings with canon fire, killing 7 boys, 2 young girls, and an adult man. The attack allegedly targeted the home of a Mullah Wazir, but his home was not hit and he had left the village 2 weeks earlier. Instead, the U.S warplanes strafed a group of boys playing marbles in the village center. Guldana lost her son and 2 granddaughters aged 9 and 10, when the U.S Warthogs strafed the two girls fetching water by a stream. Abdullah Muhammad, 25, who had just returned from Iran where he worked as a day laborerfor 3 years and was to get married in Hutala in 5 days, was cut down as he rushed to assist the fallen girls. Sarwar Khan lost his 2 sons – Faizullah and Obeidullah. Their embroidered caps shredded with shrapnel lay beside a half dozen rubber galoshes and caked pool of blood. A villager, Haji Amir Mohammed, said “first they fire their rockets, then they say it was a mistake…” The U.S has established a pattern of firing first and asking questions afterwards. Distraught villagers mourn in front of the shoes and hats of the innocent children killed in a U.S. “precision” strike.

Two A-10 attack fighter jets based in Bagram Air Base