In Memory of


Bibi Razia, 14

Malak Najmuddin, 65

13 other civilians killed



killed during the night of December 28/29, 2001

in the town of Shekhan, 15 kms west of Gardez, Paktia Province. 15 persons were killed and three homes totally destroyed in the night-time U.S. “precision” bombing strike according to witnesses who arrived in the Pakistani border town of Miran Shah and spoke to Reuters. Others were injured, including Bibi Kareema, 13, Bibi Najima, 19, whose leg was severed, and Bibi Storay, 15. The U.S. bombs killed Haji Muhad Nabi’s daughter, Bibi Razia, 13. It also killed 65-yr-old Malak Najmuddin, head of a 7-member family. Data gathered in on-site interview on March 27, 2002, by a member of team of Marla Ruzicka.

Night-time U.S. “precision” bombing attack