In memory of


Bibi’s son and husband

killed in the night of October 16/17, 2001



in the market town of Nahrin in Baghlan Province. We would not know about this tragedy were it not for the independent reporting of Kate Holt for Britain’s The Independent (the Associated Press was not interested). Bibi told her story to Ms. Holt: “”the bombs started falling from the sky. My husband ran outside to find our son and then he screamed. I ran to the door. He and my son were lying dead. The rest of us left when the fighting stopped. We just wanted to get away from the killing.” Bibi traveled south with her 5 children to a refugee camp. Tears streaming down her face, she said,” I just wanted to reach the safety of a camp, but now we are here there is nothing.” The photo by Kate Holt shows Bibi with one of her children in a makeshift refugee camp near the Pakistani border.




Killed in a U.S. night-time “precision” strike