In memory of


Bala Khan’s two brothers

died between 3 A.M. – noon on December 21, 2001

in the village of Bekhere in southern Paktia. Bekhere is about a half-hour drive from Asmani Kilai along a riverbed in a sheltered valley. The convoy of elders which had been bombed 6 hours earlier was trying to leave the area, but found a route blocked by snow. They turned around and took the way through Bekhere which proved fatal. Bala Khan, 26, pointed to the road that ran along the village and said,” they stopped over there. They turned off their lights but the airplane had already seen them…” The U.S attack lasted almost 6 hours. Villagers said 63 people were killed, including Bala Khan’s two brothers. !6 homes were destroyed as well as a mosque.

U.S war planes including a B-52 and two B-1B’s