In memory of


Babo Jan’s brother

Died on a day in October 2001

in a neighborhood of Kabul. Babo Jan arrived in Peshawar, Pakistan, in the week of October 15th with her three remaining sons. In the past 22 years of fighting in Afghanistan, Babo lost 19 family members. She recounts, “first, my husband was killed in the jihad. He was a pilot for the communists. Then, during the mujahideen government, in the civil war between Hekmatyar and General Dostum, our house was bombed and two of my sons and a brother killed. Then we moved into my brother-in-law’s house that was attacked when the Taliban took over and more people killed. Now the Americans are bombing us and another brother died. We are fed up with losing fathers, sons, and husbands. I might be illiterate but I can tell you this:

it’s enough” (Christina Lamb10/22/01).

A U.S. “precision” bombing strike