In memory of


Babo Gul, 55, injured

severely injured about November 27, 2001

in Lashkar Gah, capital of Helmand Province. A U.S “precision” bomb struck the Gul home. Syed Gul, 25, a farmer, discovered his mother Babo, 55, in the rubble of their home. He said she was unconscious and bleeding from a head wound. After a 7-hr drive west to Quetta, Babo, underwent surgery, but emerged with her eyesight gone, her ability to speak impaired and her mental state unbalanced. Doctors at Quetta’s Sandeman Provincial Hospital were uncertain about Babo’s future. Syed and his wife Bibi Gul and 4 other family members tended to Babo, who lay covered by a shaggy brown and white blanket on a cracked leather mattress.

A U.S. “precision” air strike