In memory of


Azrato’s husband

died in late November – early December 2001

in a neighborhod of Kandahar. Azrato has 9 children, aged one to nine, but they are now fatherless. The family breadwinner died in a U.S “precision” raid by U.S B-52B heavy bombers flying out of Diego Garcia in the final days of the battle for Kandahar. Azrato said to John Fullerton (Reuters), “If I’m lucky I get $20 a month. I try to work as a washerwoman or cleaner when I get the chance, but my kids are always asking me for food…we had nothing today. Last night our supper was bread and tea.” Widows are one of the most vulnerable groups in Afghanistan. The UN coordinator for 6 provinces of southwest Afghanistan, Leslie Olquist, said in early 2002, “they survive by begging, and they and their children are often badly malnourished.” Kandahar’s army of widows survives by eating cattle grass.

A U.S “precision” air strike by a B-52B