In memory of and sympathy for



Azizullah’s wife (killed)

Azizullah’s son, Abdul Rahim (injured)

Azizullah’s daughter, Shamsbibi (injured)



in August 2005

during intense U.S. aerial “precision” attacks upon villages in the mountains of Zabul Province. The U.S strike killed Azizullah’s wife and his two children, Abdul Rahim and Shamsbibi, were injured by U.S. shrapnel. Photo depicts injured children and Azizullah recounting what happened. This attack is typical of what has been taking place widely during 2005. The isolation of these villages combined with total news control by the U.S. occupation forces, prevents any independent accounting of the Afghan civilians killed and injured. This rare report was compiled by Tom Pennington, Fort Worth-Star Telegram, Knight Ridder).

Victims of another U.S. “precision” air strike